Sunday - SIL's Housewarming

One of Tom's younger sisters (he has five) had a housewarming party on Sunday in South Jersey. The weather was excellent! Couldn't have asked for a better day. Since we have such a nice camera and I like to take pictures, I was the official photographer for the day. Here are some of my favorites that involve my immediate clan:

Tom hanging Phoebe by her toes (mostly literally!)

Phoebe and some of her first cousins - the ones that are most close to her age

Tom manning the grill - He makes great burgers - no hockey pucks in the bunch!

Phoebe pretending to be the statue of liberty


Debbie said…
Great pictures. I'm originally from S. Jersey, I'm still a jersey girl at heart.
Trace said…
Oooh, hubby is pretty cute!! Sunday was a beautiful day! It's nice that you got to enjoy it.
Edna said…
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