TCM Update and Happy Belated 4th!

I so love my acupuncturist! I told him all about my problems this past month. We decided to change my herbal formula. Problem is because of the holiday in the middle of the week, I won't have the new formula until next Monday. :-( It seems to cover everything I've been having problems with PMS irritability, low-back pain, clotty periods (aka blood stasis) and a wiry pulse. I'll take his word on the last one. He always says I have a very wiry pulse. Shows me off to his apprentices as a perfect example of a wiry pulse. "It's very rare. You rarely see such a beautiful wiry pulse." Yes, Dr. TCM, but it's not supposed to be that way and it's standing between me and a new baby! So we'll be changing my herbs and he did some acupuncture to work on my blood stasis. Now I know I should get better about avoiding dairy products and making sure I get regular exercise.

The 4th of July was nice, Phoebe and DH played in my in-laws pool and we had a barbeque there. It was so nice to see DH get relaxed and start goofing off with the kids and playing basketball with our 8-year-old nephew.

I'm trying to get more organized. We'll see how that goes. I hope it's the start of something permanent and not just a short term attempt. I did work out on the elliptical machine this morning and did get to my 8 AM dentist appointment to replace an old filling this morning. Now I'm finishing setting up my new planner to organize our work and family lives. Wish me luck! The new school year will be starting soon, and I want to be ready.


I really like accupuncture too. I did it during my FET cycle that worked and I can't help but think that played a part.

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