Family Movie Night

We went out to the movies on Friday night and it was really the first animated family movie I've enjoyed since Monster's Inc. Yes, we went to see Ratatouille and it was fabulous. I highly recommend this movie. I thought the story line was original, which is often hard to come by when it comes to any movies these days, let alone children's movies. The characters were highly entertaining, and they made me love a rat for his love of food and wine. He often ate cheese and wine in the movie, so of course I could relate to the rat, LOL. I'm sure this isn't a very professional review of the movie, but just like my wine tasting reviews, "I just know what I like." I was left with the same feeling I had after seeing Monster's Inc. "That was the coolest movie ever!"

After the movies we went to Friendly's for ice cream sundaes. The rest of the weekend was kind of quiet. Tom got some painting done in the dining room. We're happy with the colors in there now and just need to do some touch up painting. I also had to update our computer and checkbook with all our bill information. Lately I had just been paying the bills and writing the info down on a sheet of paper, but I had to get everything updated and balanced. That was a big job for me.

So I'm thinking about two things and I'm looking for opinions. This will also give me a chance to have people give me the comments that I'm craving for lately. On this blog I'm thinking of writing a bit more of an article outlining the different treatments, diet, supplements etc. for my specific infertility issue of endometriosis. I'm also thinking of starting a spin off blog on home decorating, starting from the building of our house two years ago (I have lots of construction pictures) and going through the changes we're making rapidly now that DH is not in school. Please comment, which would you like to see first, the article on endometriosis treatment or a home building/decorating blog? Thanks to all who comment!


Lauren said…
I would check out either or both. The infertility stuff more for my sister since she is currently struggling to get pregnant.
ellie said…
I vote you write whatever you prefer- I think you'd find an audience for either. I tend to blog about TTC-
but my blog was started as a way to gain sanity in what can truly be a complex and confusing process.
Good luck.
Trace said…
Either would be interesting. I am curious about your fertility diet.

You live in the area...the flylady group is for Delaware County so if you had an interest feel free to join. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. We meet for coffee and that sort of thing too.
Jessica said…
I'd read either of them.

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