No More Temping

So one important thing to mention is that I've given up taking my BBT (waking temperatures). The fact that I was being forced to think first thing in the AM about fertility was getting too much. I've been taking my waking temps for years now,, so it's a big deal for me to stop. I think the other reason I'm OK with stopping doing this is that I do trust my acupuncturist to straighten out my cycles, even though this last month sucked. I'm trying to remember that I did have the stress of the HSG test that could've messed it up as well. I don't remember if I mentioned my results, but everything was clear, but the spillover on the right side was slow. I think I do have touches of endometriosis still and that's why. My lower back was hurting most of last month and I've been having strange twinges or cramps in my right lower side. This is what TCM guy and I are going to discuss today.


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