Finished HP

I finished Harry Potter this morning over tea!!! No spoilers here, but it was amazing. I guess I could complain that it was a lot of hard work to get to the end where everything wrapped up neatly, but isn't that the way it should be! I'm very happy with how everything ended. Of course, some of my favorite characters bit the dust, but that can't be helped.


Trace said…
I really enjoyed it too! I thought it was action packed from the beginning! I'm not sure about Snape. Yes, he turned out to not be the bad guy that he was made out to be, but I thought he grudgingly turned over his memory. I was glad that they tied everything up too!
Pixxiee said…
My copy of Harry Potter is making the rounds of our friends - and one of them was in tears at the first death (you know which one!) and wanted to stop reading! I was sad too, but so wanted to see the end of it...

Interesting your comment about adoption from Columbia. I was just reading the local paper and there was an ad there for a foster family needed for an 11 month old boy. It just pulled at me - not necessarily that he is the boy, but that doing something like that might be our way forward. I guess when you feel that you need to follow it up!


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