Theater Camp

Thank you so much for your nice comments on my last post. I know I was rambling a bit, but I had a lot on my mind.

This morning was very exciting for our family. Phoebe started a Theater Camp at the Delaware Opera this morning. She'll be going all week and she's the youngest kid in the program. The ages are from 7-17, but they let her in even though she's a little under 7 still. It's a full day program from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The younger kids go for just this week, and the older kids can continue for another week. They are going to have acting classes, voice classes, set design and costume design. In the last two they will be doing painting and sewing. She's really excited about these parts of the camp. That and the acting. Singing isn't one her forte right now. We were a few minutes late for drop off this morning, but I found out it didn't start until 9 AM, so I stuck around with some of the other parents. Phoebe was really nervous, not knowing anyone and she stuck by me and didn't want to talk to anyone. I was nervous she wouldn't be able to stay. The beginning was introductions of the teachers and a tour of the building, so the parents seemed to stay for that. After the tour, the main teacher let everyone know they were going up to the studio to do their morning yoga routine to loosen everyone up for the day. I knew they would be doing that and knew Phoebe would love that. Boy, did she ever. It was the first time she started to act confident and started walking upstairs without me and was going into the room. I asked her if she was OK with me leaving to go to work now and she said yes and gave me a big hug. I told her I was only around the corner and that I'd pick her up at 4:30 and we'd go back to my office for a bit. She was fine and let go of me, walked over to the pile of yoga mats, rolled it out, sat down and didn't even look out the door to see if I had left yet. Sniff! What a big girl! I can't wait to pick her up and find out what neat stuff she'd been doing all day. On Friday at 5 PM, there will be a recital and they'll get to sing a song they'll be working with the voice coach on all week. It could not be rock or pop music. They wanted something from a musical. Phoebe picked "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I did explain to her that the voice coach might recommend something else if he thought it would be better. I can't wait to see how her day is going!

By the way, I feel awesome on the new herbs I'm taking! I go back to the acupuncturist tomorrow. I'm curious to see if my pulse is still very wiry as I don't feel as stressed out. I actually feel very calm these days. It's like my dad said he felt on some medication his doctor put him on when he was quitting smoking. He said, "I feel like I don't give a shit that I don't have a cigarette!" That's how I feel lately. Like everything is OK and even if it's hectic I can handle it with no huge stress out. We're now kind of in the two-week-wait. I say kind of, because I stopped taking my temperature, so I don't really know when I ovulated, but it's been past Day 14, so I'm assuming I did. We had plenty of opportunity this weekend for something to happen, so we'll see how the blissed out me does this month.


Crystal said…
Keeping track of you during this tww... :D I'm changing the login and password to my blog. e-mail me at and I'll give you
the new info.

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