CD10 - aka IUI Day

I got the official notice last night to take the HcG shot. Phoebe watched me get the needle. She couldn't believe it was so big and I didn't even feel it - hey, my butt is well cushioned! Tom has to be at the doctor's at 8AM this morning and I have to be there by 9:30. I think we'll all go en masse, and I'll keep Phoebe busy during Tom's appointment and then we'll go to Borders until it's time for my appointment. I'll have Tom take Phoebe for a walk during mine. There's only so much explaining of what's going on that I'll do to a seven-year-old. Wish us luck!

BTW, I still can't figure out what's up with my back. I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and it felt a little better, but this morning it's worse than ever. I took some pain medicine and I'm trying a hot pad, but it's being stubbornly bad. I'll do some more stretching and exercise and see if it gets any better. I think I'll leave a message for the acupuncturist and see if he can see me next week. Aaaacckkk! I know I have a high threshold for pain and this is unnerving!


Anonymous said…
Thinking of you today. Good luck!
Heather said…
Trace said…
Good luck!!
Cibele said…
good luck!
Loren said…
I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! keeping everything crossed...Phoebe needs someone little to boss around. ;)

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