Come On Now!!!!

AF still has not shown up. What's up with that?! My body is just deciding to continue to do exactly what it wants to do, which is not necessarily what I want it to do. I'm on day 2 of spotting, not that that helps.

I started doing my Flylady evening and morning routines last night. I think it's helping reduce my stress. I also started doing Julia Indichova's imagery exercises again last night and this morning.

DD is caught up on her homework from last week when she had all those dress rehearsals and shows, my house is roughly straightened up, we have laundry done and clothes to wear. Things are looking up, even though the show hasn't gotten on the road yet.


Rayven said…
Seems like she only hesitates to make an appearance when you actually want her to show up. Happens to me right before IVF transfers too.

The shots aren't that bad. You get used to them. Use Emla cream....lots of it, and leave it on for an hour and a half. You won't feel a thing.

We're about to deliver our third baby via IVF. Twins last February, and a little boy to join them this June. (via surrogacy...I'm the surrogate)

Best wishes on growing your family!

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