Let's Get This Show on the Road

They moved up my pregnancy test and endometrial biopsy to this morning based on Friday's progesterone check. It apparently dropped and they wanted to make sure we got the test in before AF showed up. Of course the test was negative. My lower back has been killing me all weekend, I've just been waiting for it to show up at any moment. It'll probably be this afternoon or tomorrow.

So based on all that, the doctor and I discussed next steps after he finished the test. I'm all set to start injectibles after I baseline on day 2 or 3, which will be sometime this week!!!! I don't think I've ever been wanting AF to show up this bad, so we can get started!!! Of course I know with the meds and stuff, I need to try to take better mental care of myself and stop beating myself up. I'm working to get back on the Flylady routines starting today, to try to keep me calm as we move bravely foward.

BTW, one thing I like about the new procedures at the doctor's office is that they make all the phone calls to the pharmacy and insurance company for you. Before I left the doctor's this morning, I already talked to the billing office who was going to call my insurance company for the referral this cycle (I used to have to do that) and met with the nurse who is calling the pharmacy to mail me the drugs (I used to have to go through all that too). Definately makes it a lot less stressful.


Tracers said…
Oooh, sending good vibes your way!!
Lauren said…
Good luck!!
BrooklynGirl said…
Good luck!

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