Much Better Today

Wow, was yesterday rough! Work was having problems that continued until I went to bed, but at that point, I knew it could wait until the morning. Today is much better.

I love how much Phoebe knows me. It was just her and I going to her ice skating practice last night and coming home, I was still feeling stressed, knowing I had to work more on the work issues when I got home and got her in bed. Phoebe asked me to play my iPod music on the way home. As I let is shuffle through the songs over the car radio, sometimes I decide to skip through a song I'm not in the mood for. A few times Phoebe asked me to put it back - like for two of the Beatles' songs. Also for Green Day's "Holiday". That one cracked me up. She said, "Mom, go back. You want to hear that one. You'll thank me for it!" And she was right. Something about going back to music that sounds like what I loved in my teenage angst days can bring me out of a bad mood - some Dead Kennedys anyone? My other favorite moment was when we were getting close to the house, the Indigo Girls "Get Out the Map" came on. We sang and harmonized. It gave me a great feeling to get through the rest of the evening.

The eating options are going great! I've still stuck to my guns and stayed off coffee. I will drink herbal teas or one cup of green tea. This has opened up so many new food possiblities. I've learned to make recipes with burdock root, kale, winter squashes, millet and mochi. For breakfast today I had to bring something to work as I had to fast for some bloodwork. If I don't bring something, I'll want a muffin with tea from the cafe. Not a good choice. I had leftover brown rice with some almond milk, walnuts and raisins. It was really good. Lunch today was lentils cooked with onions and carrots, rice and braised kale with garlic. Very yummy. I'm enjoying learning these new eating habits.


Joanne Balconis said…
hi kid, if you really have a bad day you should go a little farther back like "bad dom baby" remember that one I can still here you sing it at 4 yrs old!!!!
love Mom

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