Day 6

I'm on Cycle Day 6 and had my second ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. Things are going well. I started injections on Friday night and I've been doing them myself mostly. It just seems easier that way. Funny to think I've gotten so nonchalant about sticking a needle in my leg every day.

My 37th birthday was yesterday and it was great! I got a new handbag from Banana Republic and a hand-carved wood plaque with the om symbol carved in it. I love it! Tom picked it up at some boutique in NYC when he was working last week. DH and Phoebe also picked me up a carrot cake for my birthday, so I splurged on the sugar and had some. Carrot cake is my ultimate favorite - especially with raisins and walnuts like this one had!

I was really bad food-wise a bit over the weekend. I had some bacon with my breakfast on Sunday. But I've still been great about no coffee, and I bought more green tea and this time it's decaf. Today for my eating, so far I've had oatmeal with raisins and rice milk for breakfast, morning snack was walnuts and pumpkin seeds, lunch was lentils, carrots and millet, and I'm having a snack right now of hummus and tortilla chips.

Not sure when my next scan and bloodwork date is. They haven't updated my voice mail box at the RE with my instructions. I'll know more later.


Gerah said…
Happy belated birthday!
Heather said…
Shalini said…
happy belated birthday!
Bronwyn said…
Happy (belated) birthday!!! Hope this is an extra-special year for you :)
Alli said…
Happy Birthday!!!

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