Wow, this week has gone by quickly! I can't believe it's Thursday already. I had bloodwork and an ultrasound yesterday, and then I got a message that they wanted me to come back today. Dr. R did my scan this morning, as the they were really busy today. He said I'll probably have my trigger shot today or tomorrow. They'll let me know after they check my bloodwork. I must admit my ovaries are feeling very full. I remember this feeling from doing this years ago. It's like ovulation will be a relief, because then I won't feel so tender.

I was thinking in the car ride to work this morning about that the odds this will work are much greater than when we were trying on our own. The doctor showed me I have 4 follicles on the right and 2 on the left that are off a good size and should ovulate this month. That's 5 more chances than I would have on any other cycle. I'm feeling good that we decided to go back to the doctor.

I do need to try to make a chiropractor appointment for this afternoon, though. My lower back has been killing me for the past few days and no amount of elliptical machine or yoga postures has been working to fix it. Can't wait for the chiro to make it all feel better.


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