CD11 - IUI #2

The RE had us come in again today for another IUI since I hadn't felt any twinges much yesterday. I felt some on my left side, but not my right, but I couldn't be sure that the right side happened last night. Turns out the right side hadn't ovulated yet, so I'm really glad we went in. The doctor did the IUI and after that, he decided to do an ultrasound to check ovulation. He could easily see that the two on the left had ovulated, but the four on the right were still hanging out. So they also gave me another HcG shot in the office. Tom's numbers were great today even with that it was 24 hours abstinence instead of 48 like the first one.

I'm continuing to be really hopeful with whatever happens this month. Our odds are really good, but even if it doesn't happen, I feel we're on the right track and it's just a matter of time.


Shalini said…
Keeping my fingers crossed!

Happy Easter (if you celebrate)! :)
SaraS-P said…
Hope those Easter eggs got fertilized!
Lynda said…
Good luck! It does sound like you're right on track again.

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