One Week Down

I'm one week into my two-week wait. Technically, it'll be one week after Thursday or Friday, but since my pregnancy test is next Tuesday, I only have one more week to wait.

Things are going well. I'm still off the sauce - aka coffee. My new eating plan is going reasonably well. I can't say I eat all the healthy all the time, but I haven't had meat or chicken since I started this. I've also been very good about eggs and dairy in that cheese is my only downfall and I've had a little bit of that here or there. I need more time to cook things right now, but with all of Phoebe's dress rehearsals for "Pirates of Penzance" this week, it's been crazy. She has another dress rehearsal tonight and then they have one show on Friday for the school they are borrowing the theater from and then two shows on Saturday for the public.


Tracers said…
Good job on the coffee! I am also "off the sauce" and am officially only sucking down decaf. I've gotten used to it now.

Your not supposed to eat chicken? I can kind of understand beef, but poultry? Are you eating fish? Or totally vegarian?
Heather said…
The macrobiotic diet has you on a vegan diet (no meat, chicken, eggs, dairy) but you are allowed fish. It's also not no carb. You are supposed to eat whole grains, like oatmeal, brown rice, barley, etc. I can't say I've been completely sticking to it, but I'm really close. And I'm reminding myself that I'm off coffee, which I always used half & half and sugar in.

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