CD2 - IVF#2

AF showed up on Sunday, so tomorrow is my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork for IVF#2. I'm really excited and trying to be as positive as possible. I still need to give up my one cup of coffee at work, I had my last glass of wine last night at Phoebe's birthday party, and I'll be working hard to eat healthy and take all my vitamins.

Phoebe's birthday party went great yesterday! It was total chaos and I loved it. It was a costume party and all the kids looked great. We dressed in costume too and had a great time. The kids played a pass the pumpkin game kind of like playing Hot Potato and they loved playing freeze dancing to Halloween music. Leo got them silly string and let them play with it until it ran out. My SIL helped clean it all up from the floor, LOL! Leo is the best cook. He made hot roast beef sandwiches and a sausage, bean and hominy soup that was to die for. The kids had pizza and breadsticks that I ordered. Some of the parents of the friends from Phoebe's school stayed and it was great getting to know them, but I have to admit, once we only had family and our friends left, I was able to relax. There we're still quite a few kids left, but only half as much and they we're easier to police to make sure no one got hurt. This morning at breakfast, Phoebe told me what a great time she had yesterday and that it was the best party ever!

On other matters, I love the new HBO show True Blood more and more. We watched it last night after the party guests were all gone and Phoebe was in bed. After it was over, I felt a huge let down that there wasn't another episode to continue the story immediately afterward. How am I going to wait for next week? BTW, I rarely get like this over TV shows.

And boy did it ever get cold last night. I finally turned on the heat in our house this morning to get the chill out of the air (I'm such a cheapskate right now). Phoebe wore a beanie hat and gloves to school today. The beanie hat she'll probably wear through the day, as it is stylish and matches her sweater she had on. Thankfully, I have a great bowl of soup that I'm eating right now for lunch.


Martha said…
Happy Birthday to your Phoebe, sounds like a wonderful party. Gosh, I sure miss East Coast pizza. I'm so sorry it's chilly, we finally turned off the A/C last week in LA! Best Wishes for great news on your u/s and labs, thanks for the update.
sara said…
So glad to hear the party went well and I'm wishing you the best of luck on this cycle!
Trace said…
We don't have HBO, but I did read the books that show is based on. Give them a go! Funny and quirky combined with the gore of the vampire/supernatural world.

Good luck with the upcoming cycle.
Phoebe's birthday sounds like it was fantastic! I miss costume parties! :)

Thinking of you and hoping for the best this cycle.
Rumour Miller said…
Yay for the great party! Wishing you all the best this cycle.

You should read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer to take your mind off of things. It will suck you right in until all 4 books are done!

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