IVF#2 - CD13 - Still Don't Know When Egg Retrieval Is

I went in for another ultrasound and bloodwork today monitoring my follicle growth. I have sizes anywhere from 22 to 14. I seem to have between 6 to 8 on each side. I didn't see the doctor today, but the two ultrasound techs that usually take care of me. They said Sunday is a possibility, but that they will discuss it with the doctor. They said they do Sunday retrievals and transfers when they have to. I must admit they all must really love what they do to work 7 days a week. But then again, I'm sure they don't get called out in the middle of the night, so it is just day work. But I still give them all credit. I only work 5 days a week and I'm not sure I'd like to do more than that.

I feel all bloated and want to go to the ladies more frequently than usual. I think my ovaries are squeezing my bladder in between them, LOL! I feel like my brain is total mush. I'm having a hard time concentrating and it's difficult to get anything out of this brain of mine recently. But I'm very hopeful. I really want this to work. I really want to get off this roller coaster of IVF. But if it gives me one more baby, I'll be ever so grateful.


Martha said…
Here's hoping the retrieval goes perfectly and is one step closer to getting off the IVF roller coaster. Take care, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Halloween to Phoebe!
anita doberman said…
Keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well!
Happy Halloween
Smiling said…
hope it works for you.. I remember well the mushy brain feeling, I vaguely remember renting an entire box set of a favourite TV show to watch in bed, hour after hour, to distract me and keep me from doing anything my brain wasn't up to!

Best of luck!
PJ said…
Here from lost and found! I hope your retrieval goes spectacularly! Sounds like you'll have a good bunch of eggs to retrieve.
battynurse said…
Hope the retrieval goes wonderfully! Good luck.
Thinking of you and hoping for a smooth retrieval! ((HUGS))
nancy said…
I didn't have ER until cd15, so at least you aren't the latest I've ever heard of! And yes, it's awesome that they will work on whatever day they need to. My docs are the same about working Sundays. If we need it, that's the day they do it. I think all my IUIs ended up having to happen on Sundays!

Grow follies, Grow!!
Carrie Ann said…
Wishing you great eggies and a good retrieval. Hoping everything goes well -
I'm very hopeful for you. Fingers crossed. I hear you about getting off the roller coaster. Seriously!?
Merlot said…
Oooh, I was thinkng about you today. Hopefully tomorrow will be your day!!
twondra said…
I just wanted to wish you luck! I hope the retrieval goes well!!!

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