Amazing Quote

I saw an amazing quote today on a bumper sticker on a car, believe it or not. I just looked it up online and I think I'd like to read it every day. I think it's profoundly changed the way I'm looking at things:
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

I was not surprised to see that it was Mahatma Gandhi who said this. I've always found him to be completely inspirational. This quote made me think so much of the things I do every day that I know no one pats me on the back for doing, and sometimes I want to cut corners in getting it done (or procrastinate, I'm really good at that!). It could be my mile long task list at work or the mile long task list for home, or the tasks I get done that never make it to any list at all. All the things we accomplish in one day need to be completed no matter how small. Now I need to go fold a load of laundry while I ponder this quote some more.


Martha said…
Wow, I need to ponder this too. It reminds of Abraham Lincoln's quote, "Whatever you are, be a good one."
Heather said…
I need this plastered on my kitchen wall - right above the sink... I hate doing dishes.
Anonymous said…
You're the second person today who had those feelings...I heard something similar from my mom because my dad is going to make the "family" vegetable soup for dinner tonight. Yes, HE decided this because she can't and she was verbalizing the sort of thing you are.
CTagsGirl said…
Beautiful. I love the qoute, and I don't think I'd ever heard it before. Is it fair to use it to motivate husband to get fix-it tasks done around the house? :)

Glad to hear that you and the guys are doing well! *hugs*
lisalou said…
Very true.
Another quote that has always inspired me is ,roughly:
You can accomplish anything you want to in this life as long as you don't need the credit.
I am not sure who said it.

Ps 22 week shot is gorgeous!

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