PG - 23 Weeks 2 Days - Mole Removal! Yuck! Baby Planning! Yeah!

Sorry I've been off the radar again. It's been busy with work and home stuff and the 3rd trimester tiredness started early. But I just had to post my update today. I had an emergency visit with my regular family doctor this morning as last night one of the moles on my back half fell off and started to bleed all over the place. I knew this mole on my back was beginning to become a problem, but I've been too busy (or tired) to add another doctor's visit to my plate. Well last night I had the worst heartburn of my life and I was trying to get out of my work clothes and I realized that the mole on my back was bleeding and hanging 1/2 off. I had Leo put me back together with some Neosporin and a band aid. I went off to the doctor this morning and my mind is at ease now. First off, it's gone. She cut it off for me. Second of all, she said that it's a normal occurance in pregnant ladies to have a mole become more of a lesion that bleeds and falls off. They still did send it out to the lab to be checked out, but it made me feel better thinking it's normal and most likely not skin cancer.

This weekend we started our baby planning. We pulled up the bins from the basement with Phoebe's old clothes and started going through them for reusable stuff. It isn't much. But the great news is that I'm getting loaned so much baby equipment. I just borrowed a twin infant double-stroller. It's just the frame that can hold the infant carriers, which is simple to use. It's made for the Graco brand, but can use other infant carriers. I have the manual, so I can see what it can take. We also came up with a nursery theme. We're going with Dr. Seuss, but I think we'll probably find our own fabric and design work. I think Leo is going to paint the bottom half of the wall in a red color and then the top in a cream color, with a white ceiling. I say I think, because I am horrible at picking out paint and Leo always does it exactly right the first time, so it's his de facto job in our house to pick out paint colors. He might paint next week when Phoebe's on spring break and he's taking off work.

I have to run and get more work done. I'm working from home the next two days, so I need to make sure all my papers are cleaned out.


Mermaid said…
I like that theme, particularly the quilt. It's so nice to be able to borrow baby stuff. My sister has loaned me so much stuff. Makes twin baby prep so much more affordable.

We're not painting or decorating really. The babies' room is yellow. I can work with that.
Heather said…
Love the theme - the bold colors!!

I suck at picking paint colors too. Mostly because I've only done it once. Everywhere I lived before this house I wasn't allowed.
Martha said…
I love Dr.Suess and Especially Green Eggs and Ham which was the inspiration for our youngests name. I hope all is well with your moles, poor thing.
sky girl said…
Sounds like a fun theme. What a great idea.

Sorry I've been off the radar lately too. I always read through my feed reader and don't get around to commenting as much as I should!
ICK! Sorry to hear about the mole, but I'm glad that its taken care of.

A Dr. Seuss theme sounds like SO much fun! :) Please post pics when its complete!
Jill said…
Love the colorful Dr. Seuss theme! Hope everything is better with your moles now...

P.S. I finally changed my blog name and address-
Fomerly Gracie said…
It's it just astounding much work goes into a little one... or in your case little oneS :-)

I've been working on the baby's room for weeks, but have made zero progress. It's probably because I keeping stopping to run and cuddle with my son every time I come across any of his old baby things. I'm such a pregnant lady :-P
I heard before about mole bleeding is it also like a cancer? i must say that if you have a mole like extra ordinary size its better you removed it for your oen protection it is also cause cancer.


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