PG - 19 Weeks 3 Days

Wow! It's so hard to believe I'll be 5 months along next week! Time is going by so quickly with Phoebe's activities, work being crazy busy and of course that nasty cold that is still making me congested and cough a lot.

But I'm back at work and things are starting to get back to normal. Leo called me a spaz this weekend, because I had so many important things with deadlines that were whooshing by. Phoebe's registration for her first ice skating competition was due on Saturday, she had her First Reconciliation at church on Saturday and my car registration and inspection had expired. We also had dentist appointments we had to cancel in January that I still hadn't rescheduled and work stuff was getting all backed up.

Between the weekend help that Leo was and having an unexpected snow day that wasn't that bad on Monday, and then two days in the office of not too many meetings, things are getting more manageable now. Saturday we left the house at 8:30 AM, handed in Phoebe's competition registration, went to her First Reconciliation (we're Catholic, it's also called confession) and then to the grocery store. Sunday I got all the bills done and registered my car online, but I knew I still couldn't drive it until I got the inspection completed and the new inspection stickers on the car. The snow day on Monday allowed all that to happen. Phoebe's school was closed and Leo postponed his work trip to NYC. The roads were clear by noon on Monday and it stopped snowing! Then I called the car inspection place and they were open and said to come on over! So I worked from home on Monday and at lunchtime Leo and Phoebe came with me to get the car inspected. I also on Monday got to call the dentist and reschedule our 6-month checkups!

I went back into the office Tuesday and between that and today, I've been getting caught up on some work stuff. There's still a huge amount of work stuff to do, but as long as I get the critical things done, we're doing OK.

BTW, riddle me this - why is it that a common pregnancy "symptom" is to drop things all the time during the time in your life when you really don't want to bend over and pick them up? I think it would be really nice for either that "symptom" to go away or for gravity to stop working for pregnant women. What do you think?


Joanne said…
Whew!!! I got tired just hearing about your schedule. Sounds like me. Not enough hours in the day to get things done! I'm not sure why pregnant women drop things, maybe because it is your exercise! LOL love Mom
Martha said…
Busy, busy, and glad the time is going quickly.
Wow, 5 months already?!!! Time is flying by! :) Very glad that all is well, despite the hectic schedule!
seussgirl said…
ha, I also get very clumsy during pregnancy and have dropped many things. My husband laughs at it and tells me to just reach more slowly for things. :)
Mermaid said…
Wow, I'm sorry your pelvis is hurting so badly. I wonder if these early aches and pains are due to the twins or not. We can't agree on names, either. It is hard!

Another twin mommy at is dealing with that pain, too. It doesn't sound pleasant.

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