PG - 22 Weeks 2 Days - Dewey Beach & Ultrasound Today

One of my friends invited us at the last minute to come down to Dewey Beach, DE on Saturday and stay overnight to Sunday. I've never been there, so it was great fun even in the off season. It's also really close to Ocean City, MD and we have good friends there that had triplets a little over a year ago. Since these friends moved there right before the triplets were born, we hadn't seen the babies yet. So we visited with them Saturday afternoon and then met our other friends in Dewey at dinnertime. The next day, we went to the beach and took these pictures. I know I haven't posted any official "belly pics" yet, but these can give you an idea of how big I am these days. BTW, Phoebe took this pic. Isn't she a great photographer?

Here's a some cute pics of Phoebe on the beach too! She loves the beach (just like her Daddy!). She had to put her feet into the freezing water and take long walks on the beach with her Dad and pick up rocks along the way. That's what the blue bag is for - to hold all the rocks she could carry!

I also had another Level II ultrasound today at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine department at the hospital. Each of "the boys" were estimated at 1 lb 3 oz. I was also surprised that they still have room to move their positions!!! During my 18 week ultrasound, they were both heads down/feet up. Today they were both heads up/feet on my bladder (!!!!), which explains a lot. We got to see them kick my bladder around. How nice they are to their Mommy already (sarcasm here). We could see them roll around and flip over during the ultrasound, so they were being big show offs with their gymnastics, but then when the ultrasound tech would try to get a pic of their face, they'd put a whole arm in front of it or curl up in a ball with their butts up, like Phoebe does when she doesn't want to get up on a school day. It was great, but we didn't get many nice pics from this trip because of their antics. But they are healthy and everything is going well. I worked from home the rest of the day, since we didn't get back until lunchtime. It takes them almost two hours to do a Level II ultrasound on twins, as they need about an hour per baby. It gets boring after awhile, but I try to sit there and check them out, trying to bond now even before they are here.


Martha said…
Great pictures, you look Beautiful!! So does Phoebe and your Dh! I'm glad all is well with the babies and you.
What a beautiful family! Phoebe is just gorgeous! It sounds like you had a fabulous trip. I'm very glad to hear that things are continuing to go beautifully. ((HUGS))
Mimi said…
You have such a beautiful family. I am so happy for you. And you look fabulous!

Carrie Ann said…
Great pics - looks like you had a great time. I could use a beach right about now! Glad things are going well with the babes!
Heather said…
Glad everything is going well!!

She is a good photographer!
Tracy said…
Great pics!!! Glad all went well with the US.
Looking good! Great pictures. :o)
Suzanne said…
This is the first time I have seen a picture of your family...what a beautiful family it is! You look fantastic!

I am going in for my hour long 12 week ultrasound next week, but was wondering what a level II is. I am sure every office calls it something different, but thought I'd ask!
Anna said…
You're one hot mama! You and DH look fantastic. Phoebe is very beautiful and much taller than I imagined.

Nice to know your boys have room to move around, and you get a whole 2 hours to see them on the 'big screen'.

Best wishes,
Lynda said…
Wow, can't believe you're halfway through your pregnancy. Glad the twins are doing well. Love the photos - what a gorgeous family. x
docgrumbles said…
Glad things are going well.

Great pics!

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