PG - 20 Weeks 2 Days - 5 Month OB Appt

I'm too tired to try to put together any belly pics tonight, but I'll tell you all about my 5 month OB visit. Everything is going great. My blood pressure was 110/64. We heard both the boys heartbeats with the handheld thingy. That was the first time that was used on me to monitor the boys. I talked to her about my aches and pains and she thinks everything is fine. She even said something I never thought of which was that height is at least on my side to be OK to have twins. She also talked to me about a patient she had that had triplets who was a little taller than me that went to 33 weeks. I felt good today, so I agreed with her. I think all the walking I've been doing lately has been helpful.

I also got my hair color touched up today, my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. I feel like a new woman!!! So tomorrow I'll work on pics, I promise!!!


Martha said…
I bet you look beautiful! That's great all is well with your OB appt and "your boys", so cute. Lucky for you to be tall, it does make more room for the babies.
Yay for tall women and roomy wombs!

I am having such Sam with-drawls. I think they started production on True Blood in Jan. Is it just me or does it sound like Bill is saying "Suckie" instead of Sookie.

I laugh every time he says her name.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
At least being tall pays off somewhere! Glad both boys are doing fine!
Mermaid said…
I'm glad everything was great!
Where are my pictures???

I hear you on the needing to prepare. Although yes, you're probably going to be earlier so prep ahead of time would be good...

Taller is good! That's for sure. Hopefully it'll pay off for me too. ;o)


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