Celebrity Question

OK. I'm not that huge into celebrity gossip, but I just read the information on People magazine's website about the description of what happened in the Rihanna/Chris Brown altercation. I'm really confused about why she would go back to him. I mean I understand the whole psychology about why battered women go back to their abusers, but please!!!! If you step back and read what happened, can't she realize that this is a definite reason to break up with someone. It's a total relationship breaker. Even if he doesn't have any problems with abusing women in his future, if he ever did this to me, I could never have a relationship with him again.


battynurse said…
It's the whole battered women thing like you said. When you are in that position it's completely surreal and you do things you never could have imagined doing. Ever.
Martha said…
Money + Fame/Celebrity Couple = Zero Common Sense
As a former battered wife I cannot fathom this. She has the means to get away and never deal with him again. She's not stuck or dependent on him for every little thing.

Once a woman beater, always a woman beater. I learned the hard way that guys like that will never change.
I hate to say it, but there has got to be something wrong with her. No sane person would go back to someone like that, especially when you have so much money and fame. Not to mention she is setting amazingly horrible example for the millions of tweens and teens who love her.
MamaSoon said…
I think it is so very very sad. I wonder if she has a slew of bad people surrounding her and giving her bad professional advice about how to stay in the media. This is so very sad.
Mimi said…
I am so saddened by this. I really think they are so young and that has a lot to do with it! They are so stupid. Both of them!

Lauren said…
It is completely ridiculous. As others have said she is not stuck there because she doesn't have the means to get out. Even if he threatened her, her family, or whoever she still have the money to protect herself.

Very sad and very stupid. This won't be the end of this story.
Liz said…
Ugh. That whole situation makes me want to scream. If I had a dollar for every woman I've known who makes excuses for an abusive man.
Guera! said…
I am hoping that someone famous that she looks up to (oprah, tyra banks, beyonce?) calls her and has a heart to heart with her. That girl was brutally beaten. I hope someone can get through to her.

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