Living a Full Life and It's a Bumpy Ride!!!

I can't remember which blogger, but someone said they feel you should live a full life and blog about it later. I love that statement and it was especially true yesterday.

First off, Tommy's doing great! The first 24-hours on Zantac and thickening his bottle-feeds and he's almost completely spit-up free! And when he does spit up, it's such small amounts. He was also always a happy guy, but now he's even 10 times happier. Except now he's noticing that his teeth are bothering him. I guess when the stomach pain went away, he got to notice that there was pain elsewhere. He did also pull himself up to stand on one of his toys yesterday. I wasn't there to see it, but it's no less exciting. Now if we could just get Liam to roll more!!!!

Here's the bumpy day. I went to work, knew I had to leave early to take Phoebe to perform with her Opera Delaware group at an elementary school and thought everything would be manageable with my work schedule that day. Well.... my boss and some others dump a lot of last minute stuff on me, I rush out to get her, we're late to the elementary school, and she throws up in the parking lot from nerves! I thought we were going to go back to the house, but she rallied and said she wanted to go in and perform. Got her in the school, she's the last one getting costume and makeup on, but she made it on the stage for the practice before the kids came in. Whew! I sat in the theater to make sure she wouldn't get sick again before the show, talked to some of the moms asking them to keep an eye on her and went out to my car to take a conference call to deal with one of the bombs that got dropped on me at work. Went back into the school, watched the end of the show, got her out of costume and took her to my work. Bought her a fruit smoothie at the coffee shop at my work (mmmm... could use a chai latte right now!), and an orange for a snack, took care of more work stuff, got her to dress rehearsal which was 5PM to 9PM. Helped her touch up her stage makeup. Went home, gave Tommy his Zantac and fed the boys dinner. They are eating more people food and feeding it to themselves, so they had chicken nuggets (cut up into small pieces), mac and cheese and peas. Perfect finger food! Liam has a great pincher grasp. Tommy shoves his whole fist in his mouth to get the food in. Cut the boys fingernails and toenails as they were getting waaaaayyyy dangerous and put them to bed. We had dinner, watched a taped episode of House (favorite TV show) and went to pick up Phoebe from dress rehearsal. Found out they are supposed to be there tomorrow at 4 PM, but she doesn't get off the bus from school until 4 PM! Oh well, she'll be there at 4:15. At least she's not one of the leads. We rewarded ourselves by stopping at Wawa (local convenience store) and getting milkshakes.

If anyone read all that, you now only feel a fraction of the amount of exhausted I was yesterday. I was ready to pass out asleep by the time we were leaving to pick up Phoebe! It was good though. A lot of living happened and I went to bed tired. And that's the way it should be. But soon I think we need summer and to take a vacation! I think sitting on the beach for a week will suffice this year.


Leigh said…
Could it have been my "why 123 blog" page? LOL

Yes, I'm tired just reading it. A friend asked what my schedule was like and as I recited it all, I said, "makes me tired just saying it" - she said ME TOO!

Poor Phoebe - was she okay in the end?

I'm fortunate - I've never suffered with stage fright or nerves but I can imagine how horrible it would be.

And don't you hate that last minute dumping of work? drives me NUTS!
Heather said…
YAY for less spit up!!

I am truly tired after reading that.

I need a nap.
Carrie Ann said…
What a full day - kudos to you for juggling working and doing the mom thing. There are people who cannot do one of those jobs well by themselves - let alone doing both together. That's inspirational to me - as I'm going back to work full-time in the near future.

Anyways, I'm glad Tommy is better. Teddy, my 13 month old, is also eating more people food but he keeps spitting up the food rather than swallowing.
I make sure to cut up his stuff in small pieces but not sure what else to do. In the end, I have to give him some pureed food to make sure he gets something in his belly - even though I'm trying to steer away from that.

Poor Phoebe - I used to throw up before my piano recitals. That *is* frightful for anyone at any age.
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Busy days just make you appreciate the slow ones! Hope Phoebe was okay! Glad the reflux meds are working. Its always good to know your little ones feel better.
Queenie. . . said…
I love House.

Good for you for making it all work. That's impressive!
sky girl said…
Sounds to me like you need at least 2 weeks on a beach. :)
Martha said…
Wow, that is BUSY!! What's up with the folks at work dumping on you like that? Bummer.
My best for a great weekend.

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