Another Conflicted Frustrated Working Mom

Let's not get into the semantics of the title about don't all Moms work.

Anyway, work is kicking my ass right now. I'm working late in the office tonight as some of my macros in Microsoft Project don't work when I connect via VPN from home. Tom's taking Phoebe to the movies to see Madagascar, so they are having fun without me.

We have a huge merger computer systems implementation at the end of July, and all the backend server implementations I'm responsible for need to happen by July 1 in order for the application development teams to do what they need to do. Did I mention that this was my old job, and that I'm transitioning out of Technical Operations to Marketing? I don't think I've given the update that the Executive Leadership Team discussed my transition that was supposed to occur on June 12th and decided I can't move on until July 1, as we had some last minute changes to the network design that is going to cause us to do a lot of rework in server builds. Ahhhhhh!!!!

I'm agreeable to do this as it is for the best of the company, and I do want to continue to have a company so I can be gainfully employed. So if this is what it takes to make the merger of the computer systems successful, I'll do it. But it is a huge undertaking. I know it's going to take some time from my personal life to make sure these last minute design changes and systems rework occur in such a short timeframe, but I guess I should look on the upside, and that fixing this will have me leave in a blaze of glory!

So if I don't seem to leave too many comments on my few readers blogs, you'll know what I'm up to. I'll be trying to keep up on the what's going on in your life, but I know I'll be pressed for time to be able to put my two cents in. I'll also probably be writing mostly over the next few days about the people at work I refrained from killing today in order to vent off some steam.

So for those who read my blog, you can now tell that I am a Project Manager in an Information Technology department for a financial institution that is in the process of a merger of computer systems. As well as being Phoebe's Mom, Tom's wife, a yogini (Iyengar yoga), and trying not to call myself infertile (power of positive thinking).


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