Ate Too Much

We went out to Don Pablo's tonight for their Wednesday fajita special, and don't forget the strawberry margaritas! I got too full tonight.

Then we came home and I setup VPN access to work on the new Windows XP laptop, as the other one is two days older than dirt. I then proceeded to work for about an hour and a half. Hopefully, tomorrow at work I'll feel more caught up. I need to have more time to catch up on my new job.

Acupuncture was nice yesterday. She also placed some heat over the belly areas that had needles in them. I have to admit the one thing nice is that my boobs don't hurt post-ovulation. This is a good thing. They used to be pretty bad. You couldn't go anywhere near them. The book I've been reading, The Infertility Cure, says that is the sign of an imbalance, if they hurt. I can't remember which imbalance.

I'm exhausted now, so I'm going to go upstairs stretch a little bit, and go to bed with a good book. Good night!


Gerah said…
Two days older than dirt.

That is the best phrase EVER and I'm going to use it now every chance I get.

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