The Morning Lasted All Day

We had such a great day today. One of my favorite lines from music is the Dream Acadamy’s “Life in a Northern Town.” It goes, “And the morning lasted all day….all day.” I so understand what that line means and feel sometimes it is so nice to aspire to them. A day where you really don’t notice time passing, you feel like it could go on forever. Today was just like that.

It was an ordinary Sunday with the in-laws just like any other day. We went to my sister-in-laws, and Phoebe was playing in the backyard with her cousins. Then Tom decided go outside and play a game with the kids. They seemed to call it Dinosaur Tag. Tom ran around the backyard pretending to be a dinosaur, he’d grab the kids and put them in his lair until one of the other kids ran over and tagged the one out of the lair. What was really funny was how he hung Phoebe upside down by her ankles and she loved every minute of it.

Then we went to Tom’s parents and Phoebe decided to strip down to her underwear and play with the hose and making sand-mud (they live in the Pine Barrens in NJ, and the dirt is really just sand). Her Aunt Nicki took the hose and started squirting her all over, she begged for more, and more, and more. She went home in one of her Aunt’s t-shirts which fit her like a dress. Phoebe fell asleep in the car before we got home she was so tired.

I’m just waiting for when my old friend Aunt Flo is coming back to visit. I’ve been so cranky today and able to cry at the drop of a hat. I’m going to have to have a little conversation with my acupuncturist about my PMS emotional issues.


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