Just Follow Directions

Rough day with some good spots. Lots of hard work. I'll probably need to connect into work tonight to get some more stuff done. It got me frustrated several times. Left work on time though, as I needed a break.

Here's the good stuff....Went to yoga class at lunch (at the work gym). It was fantastic. Lots of hip openers and knee strengtheners. I needed it as my lower back has been kind of painful. I got to wear the fantastic new outfit that I bought this weekend. And to top it all off, the stereo in my car that hasn't been working since Friday afternoon, magically started working again on the way home. It's had this message to "WAIT" when I try to turn it on. So I'd turn it off and think, "Oh well, it's still not working. Turn it off. See if it works later." This morning I decided to follow directions and WAIT. I just left it on. I don't know if it was asking for the security code by the time I got to work, but when I was leaving the office, it was asking for the code, accepted it, and then started to play beautiful music!

Now I need to go clean my house, do some work from home tonight (maybe with wine), and get up early tomorrow, to get everyone to train (Tom NYC), school, and then I'll be going in for acupuncture at 9 AM tomorrow.


Glad to get to check out your blog. I feel you with the work at home..... I am on my 14th or 15th load of laundry now!!! Uggghhhhhhh.

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