Moms and Blogging

We interrupt my updates on the fabulous NYC weekend to tell you I just read the most incredible blog entry from my Internet-friend Andi. It completely explained why I started reading her blog in the first place when I had my daughter, Phoebe, a year after she had her daughter, Emi. It also explains why I bought her book, Mothershock and loved every minute of reading it.

I need these women to keep me sane. To understand that the thoughts that run through my head every day make sense. Every blog I link to (and haven't gotten around to setup links to yet) say something to me. It doesn't matter if the woman is infertile for the first time, has secondary infertility, likes yoga, likes to cook, is a working mom, or a stay at home mom. These women speak to me about their lives and help me deal with mine on a very personal level. We tell each other things we can't discuss face to face with friends, mothers, and sisters. We all are much more compassionate on-line than we are to each others faces. I know there are some women out there that like to send nasty comments sometimes, but in a general sense, we are very supportive of each other in our endeavors to live happy lives.

And I thank you all for the support we give each other and for sharing your lives with me.


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