Getting the Family Back Together

Tomorrow night, we should be one big happy family again! Tom is taking the train back from NYC again tonight at 8 PM. I'll be picking him up then. Tom has tomorrow and Friday off. I'll be working, but he'll be picking Phoebe up from his parents tomorrow during the morning, and coming back after dinner.

I talked to her on the phone last night and it was too funny. She was telling me she missed me, but then she'd get distracted watching "102 Dalmations." I was talking to my MIL when she was watching the movie. Then Phoebe started getting annoyed, "Mommy why do you keep talking to Ma when I'm not talking?" So my MIL got off the other phone, and within a minute, Phoebe was done talking to me. I guess she just wanted to have my undivided attention. Go figure.

I'm on the downswing on my old job and officially will be on my new job in the company on Friday. I will be turning in my pager on Friday!!!!! No pagers in Marketing!!! My new boss was just here and I showed him some pictures of Phoebe and Tom on my blog and he was saying that he needs someone to make some updates to our department's website and that he wants to add a lot more content, training material, etc. I would love to do that!!! I know this is going to be great.


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