Unbelievably Hot!

I can't believe how hot it is! It turned into August right after spring. We've got temperatures in the mid to high 90s. But we're having a good weekend.

Yesterday was a very busy day. Phoebe had a playdate with her friend Isabelle in the morning. We took the girls to the library (nice air conditioned), the playground (unbelievably hot), and then to have some lunch. Then we went back to their house and let the girls play dress up a little bit. We had to run back home and get ready to go to the neighbors. The twins next door that are Phoebe's age had their 5 th birthday party. Thank God they had a pool. Everyone was either in the house or in the pool. We opted for the pool. It was fun to watch all the kids playing in the pool. It was one of those calm, happy moments. The way you wish things could always be with everyone playing and happy. Tom and I went out for dinner after that with some friends.

I think AF will be coming soon. I can feel it. If she comes in the next few days. It will still be very early. We'll see what happens.


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