New York City Girl - Part 1

As you can see I am a narcissistic infertile and I've been playing with different pictures of me to post on my blog, so people know if they found someone they know when they read my blog. This joy was brought to you by me finally sitting down last night and getting the digital camera to be able to download to the rebuilt laptop. I really wanted this so that I could show you all pictures of Phoebe and us from our NYC trip.

So with no futher ado, stories of Kid in the City. As you all heard I found out Phoebe had a bottom tooth loose at the train station before we left for New York. What I haven't written about yet is how the coach tickets were sold out, and finding two seats together was really hard. Luckily, we were able to score two seats across from each other. The other two people who were sitting there were a married couple probably in their late-30s. They were very nice and chatted a bit with us about cooking, food, and things to do in NYC. Phoebe was polite and cute. I couldn't have asked for anything more. When asked by the husband what her favorite foods were, she answered, "Lobster and crab." Very true and very cute.

Tom picked us up at the train station and helped us take the subway back to the hotel. We then went and found a place to eat. It was hideous. Never go to Mars 2112 and expect to get decent food. The kids will like the aliens that walk around, but you will hate the food. Thankfully, it was the only bad meal we had.

The next day Phoebe and I went to the American Girl store near Rockefeller Center. Then we walked to Central Park. We walked the whole way there and back to the hotel. Phoebe really learned to be a great walker. In Central Park, we went to Victorian Gardens and rode the kiddie rides, found the carousel, and a playground that had water for the kids to play in and a huge sand pit. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Phoebe to show from the fun we had before we met Tom back at the hotel when his work was done. So I show you this one of Phoebe back at home wearing the ballerina costume we bought at the American Girl store.


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