The Temp Dropped

Don't be silly! It's over 90 degrees here! I meant my BBT dropped. I guess AF will show up tomorrow. I'm really not sure. I've never had my temp drop before I got my period. Usually my period used to show up before my temps dropped. So we'll see.

Went to the acupuncturist this morning. We talked about my PMS and whether or not she wanted to change my formula to something other than what her husband has had me on. She took my pulse for a really, really, long time. We talked about how tired I was feeling and my pulse was weak. She did change my formula, so we'll see how that goes.

Tom's out of town on business for the rest of the week, so tonight Phoebe and I are going to the Italian festival in Wilmington. We're meeting her friend Isabelle and her mom, we'll do some rides, and then get a bite to eat. Phoebe is excited to try some cotton candy. She's never had it before and during the winter I told her that they have it at this festival. It was the first thing she remembered she wanted in going there. She's got such a one track mind - food!


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