Boo and Yeah!!!

Boo - my temp dipped this morning. AF is starting to appear this evening. LP was way too short this month. I need to figure out how to fix this.

Yeah!!! - heard from B & K today. Their six-week ultrasound showed a very strong heartbeat. 160 bps. Go baby!


Mandy said…
I am so very sorry to read this. Are you doing anything for LP? Have you tried any herbal supplements? I have done way too much research on this as my LP is shorter than it should be as well.

I am sending you a cyber hug and good thoughts that this is the start of *the* cycle for you.
Sara said…
I glanced at your chart and 10 days is not TOO bad. Mine has been extended 3 or 4 days with Prometrium, a Progesterone supplement your doctor can prescribe. I would say, though, that since you have a healthy daughter, there is a good possibility that maybe your LP is just that way. Have your cycles always been this length?
Heather said…
I'm currently taking Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and Vitex (Chasteberry). I'm going to be talking to my acupuncturist/TCM doctor about this cycle's short LP. We'll see if she thinks we should change things up a bit.

I'm thinking of going back to taking False Unicorn Root. That seems to help my LP duration.
Boo to AF!!! Glad you are starting something new, that always brings promise!!!

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