I still have no update on my Nan. They won't have the results from the biopsy until Friday or Monday. My mom will call my cell as soon as she knows. Also at this point she isn't a candidate for surgery. Her current lung capacity isn't that great. The doctor put her on some inhalers in order to increase it so she may be able to become a candiate. Otherwise we're dealing with radiation and chemo, but at the size of the mass (4 cm) it would only prolong her life.

Other scary thing is I found out they also did an MRI/Cat scan (not sure which) of her brain to see if there is any metatastisizing to her brain. It's just in case in turns out to be malignant they would already know what's going on there.


S said…
Oh God, Heather, I'm so sorry. I hope that she'll be okay.

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