Shock, Horror, and Dismay

Today is one of those days that makes me amazed that the human race hasn't killed itself off yet. I am disappointed that there is so much hatred harbored in some people's hearts that they need to hurt and kill innocent people in order to protest a meeting that is about ways to eradicate poverty and AIDS from this world. Granted these are the leaders of the world's richest countries and they may not agree on how to do this, but, man, they are at least trying! And yes, I am one of those few folks out there that has been wearing their white ONE bracelet for about a month now; I have signed the petition; and I'm pissed that because of this I might never fully know if my voice was heard as this is a huge distraction.

But here's the interesting part, "Do I hate the terrorists that cause this pain in our world?" Not really. As a person, and more importantly a Mom, I feel sorry for them that they have been brought up to believe that this is how to accomplish something. I feel sorry that they can't look in every human beings face and see a beauty and grace that needs to be preserved, instead of destroyed. This is just another incident that makes me dedicate my yoga practice every day to those that cannot feel peace in their hearts. I hope we all can keep this in mind instead of trying to find what is the next country we need to bomb, because that is not how these terrorists can be stopped. There is no country, no home for these people. They are everywhere. All we can do is try to be good to each other and hold our existence out as a shining beacon everywhere to how we should all treat each other. We need to keep this in mind in all aspects of our life. It's why I don't get mad at traffic anymore, or my husband, or my disfunctional parents. We are all just trying to get along in this world the best way we know how. Enjoy the moments, every one.

On another topic, I don't know how optimistic I am about this cycle. I know we caught all the right days, but I don't have any kind of a pretty tri-phastic temp chart they love to see on the Fertility Friend circles. I know you don't need one to be pregnant, but it would make me feel better about the progress. Well, I only have 4 more days to wait it out. I'm due for AF on Monday. I'm not even bothing to think about POAS until I'm overdue by at least a day. I don't want to waste my money.

I can't wait to go home tonight! My new cell phone and service arrived at home today!!! Tom's working from home, so I got to call him for status on the arrival of the package. I'm such a geek. I got a Treo 650 with the data package from Verizon Wireless, so I'll be able to access the Internet and blog from anywhere, as well as have my schedule, contacts, notes, and cell phone service. Woo Hoo!!!

I want to make sure I call my BIL and his wife tonight to let them know that I heard about there status and to let them know I'm thinking of them tomorrow. Hopefully, they will have good news.


Sara said…
Your chart looks promising . .
Mandy said…
What a great outlook on others living their lives. It was just what I needed to read today. Thank you.

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