Update from Phoebe's Mom

Two great events yesterday... the site meeting for the house we're building and Phoebe is swimming a little with no swimmies. She's definately swimming, 'cause she can't touch the bottom!

The site meeting for the house was great. Found out we can have a rear walkout basement instead of a side walkout basement. They are also going to break ground next week. We have another meeting with the designer lady on Sunday to finalize the options we are going with and to write the last check (for now). We've decided we want to just have all the front rooms carpeted. We'll put in the hardwood floors later. The markup from the builder is just too much. We know we can get a better price without using them.

We picked up Phoebe from her grandparents again! I swear they'd steal her if they could. She spent most of the time swimming the past few days. We were told that yesterday she did try to swim a little twice without any swimmies on and she did very well.

I've got a lot of work to do here at work, and then I'll be leaving early to get us home for dinner and then to ice skating by 6:30 PM. Tom took the train to NYC today, so we'll be picking him up from the train station at 8 PM.

That's all from this neck of the globe...


Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a busy day.Yay for Phoebe's swimming!
Emily aka madmommy

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