TCM Update

I went to the acupuncurist today and we discussed my confused hormones. We decided to stay the current course of action for another month. The thought is that the herbs are trying to clean the junk out. I decided based on my reading to add a few more things. So for those curious my list of herbs/supplements are as follows (BTW, this may sound excessive, but this is OK according to "The Infertility Cure"):

Breakfast & Dinner
  • 3 spoons Tang Kui herbs
  • GNC Women's Ultra Mega multivitamin
  • Vitamin E - 400 IU
  • Vitamin C - 1000 mg
  • (2) Hyporil (supplement for low blood sugar)
  • (3) Sheng Fa Wan (for nails, hair, and blood supplement)
  • Omega-3 supplement
  • (2) Evening Primrose Oil - 500mg* (will only take before ovulation)
  • (2) Acidophilus - 1 billion CPU*
  • Vitex - 500mg (morning only)
  • Royal Jelly - 625mg* (morning only)
  • (3) Tang Kui tablets
  • Vitamin C - 1000mg
  • (2) Acidophilus - 1 billion CPU*
* New addition this month
We'll see how the addition of these items go this month, as well as the continuation of the herbs. I was thinking of starting to take False Unicorn Root again, but I think I'm going to see how things are going without it.


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