Proud Mama

Phoebe had her ice skating class last night and she's doing very well. I'm so proud, my heart could burst. She started ice skating classes in January this year. She has progressed so well very quickly. Last night they were learning the first step in cross-overs, as well as beginning to learn to pick up one foot while gliding. She's not as good in the latter as she was with cross-overs. When she had extra practice time with me, she was trying to do them while skating and holding my hand. I think what I like the most is that she's having fun with it, learning how to do things with her physical being and that it can be fun. We don't have her signed up for anything else other than ice skating, and she does yoga with me a home. I'd rather have her focus on one activity and give it her all if she likes it. The liking it is very important. Every week I feel so sorry for this one little girl. Her mom makes her practice the whole 1/2 hour of free time on the ice, and she never has a smile on her face. She always acts like practice is such a chore. The other thing that was really nice is that Phoebe's first ice skating teacher was talking to her last night. Phoebe showed her what she was learning in class, and the teacher said to both of us, "Keep that up and you'll be a fantastic skater!" I'm sure she says that to a lot of kids, but the look on her face while she said that told me that she really meant it. It's always great to hear someone else say our kids are fabulous!

Tom's been away all week. He's coming home tonight. We all miss him terribly. We're having company for dinner tonight. Tom's brother, wife, and two kids are on their way back from vacation in Virginia, so we told them to stop by for dinner. I have no idea what we're having, but we'll figure it out.

I was so tired last night, after ice skating I just got us some berries for dessert and we both went to bed. Phoebe didn't fall asleep until much later. I did have her sleep in her own bed last night instead of Tom's spot in my bed. This way I could relax, lay in bed with a glass of wine, and watch Bridget Jones's Diary for the thousandth time. I love Colin Firth's character, Mark Darcy, in this movie/books. I swear I'm addicted. I love the little smiles he makes here and there... v. sexy. I think I also like Mark Darcy because he is so my DH, minus the wavy hair. DH's is straight but dark. And I so often feel like Bridget. Sometimes I feel like they are acting out our life on screen, just with different stories. I am the flaky, ungraceful one. Tom is the tall, dark, and handsome, arrogant, pain-in-the butt, yet so lovable and romantic one.


So relaxing and yeah for your wonderful gold medalist ice skater!!!!!

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