Weekend Update

It was so nice having us all together again, although I have to say this morning was hard getting everyone out the door. I now sit here wondering how I can make it through this week to find out if this month's babymaking worked or not. I have been so good this month: keeping my caffeine intake low, taking my TCM herbs, going to acupuncture every week, eating the right foods, keeping the stress level low, doing yoga and other moderate exercise. Right now for my afternoon snack I'm having Red Rasperry Leaf Tea, some walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and dried apricots. I've turned into a nut!!! But at this point I believe it will all work someday and that's all that matters.

We had a great weekend, relaxed at home a little, finalized (we believe) the home options for the new house, and went to the in-laws for the 4th. Phoebe played in her grandparents pool most of the day, and even held one of her distant baby cousins for a long time. He's about 5 months old now. He even spit up on her and she still was OK holding him. I unfortunately don't have pictures of that. I do have some pictures of Phoebe jumping through the sprinkler at home on Sunday as we were all just hanging out. She had a great time. I'll need to post those from home.


Mandy said…
I found you through "One Crazy Mama" and am going to add you to my thoughts as you struggle with infertility. I am dealing with secondary infertility myself and it flat out sucks.

big cyber hugs to you.

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