Day 39 - Tomorrow is Ultrasound #1 Day!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow morning. I feel like it's forever since I've been at the doctor's office. You get so used to spending at least two days a week at the RE's office that when you are successful and only going once a week, you feel a loss of some kind. I still need more reassurance that everything is going on OK in there. I think St. Gerard and St. Anne are sick of hearing from me.

So what else is a girl to do? I had my own homemade miso soup for breakfast - give that baby some vitamins and minerals from seaweed, when you feel like there's nothing else you can do. Have a morning snack of blueberries. Lunch was leftover pasta. I'm probably going to go set myself up some nettle tea and later have a green apple for a snack.

We're having company over for dinner tonight, so that will keep my mind of thinking about tomorrow. I'm so proud of myself. I usually would never be able to do something like this, but last night I marinated chicken thighs and made some cucumber salad (DH's favorite!!!) so it would have time for all the flavors to meld for dinner tonight. We're also having corn on the cob and I bought 6 ears of corn. It suddenly hit me that I had enough food for company tomorrow. And our friends, K and G (and their sweet two-year-old daughter J) live in the town next to us. And it's K's day off! I left her a voice mail and she called back later to say they could come. Of course the house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be, because I haven't been able to vacuum for a week and a half now. Depending on what we see tomorrow, I may have to break down and clean a bit tomorrow night.

I'm also proud of myself because I put together our meal plan for the week yesterday. Meal planning is one of the ways I'm trying to save money, by not wasting food. I'll have to post our menu another time. I have to work for a living!!!


Trace said…
You go girl!
Martha said…
Sounds delicious, good for you. Can't wait to hear lots of great news w/your U/S. St.Gerand and St.Anne are probably delighted to hear your prayers, saints always need steady employment.
Kate said…
I'll be sending you good thoughts for tomorrow!!!
docgrumbles said…
A late congratulations on the pregnancy and good luck at the u/s!!!
I can't wait to hear about the u/s. I am so very excited for you. It's been a long journey but so very worth it, right....

And you are motivating me to eat healthier. I am trying to make sure that every bite I eat is full of nutrient rich foods that will nourish my body and mind.

Update us tomorrow!
Lynda said…
Good luck for the ultrasound. Your dinner plan sounds great!
Crystal said…
I am thinking the most positive thoughts for you! I am so excited this cycle worked! I knew it would.

Lots of continued virtual hugs and prayers. :)

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