Waiting For Results

I must admit I didn't POAS anymore over the weekend and now I'm wishing I had. I mentioned to the phlebotamist (sp?) that I cheated and she mentioned that since I had an HcG boost, the results might be inaccurate. I worked to get that negative thought to bounce right off me. My HcG boost was a quarter of the full dose and it was a full 9 days before. I find it hard to believe that my HcG would still be so high to show up on a pregnancy test. Plus I have been so terribly tired. I don't even remember being this tired with Phoebe.

I hope they call soon. My order of importance is to call Leo first and let you lovely Internets know second. I'll let family and friends know tonight. And as I've mentioned before, we need to be careful if it's positive not to let Phoebe know right away. I want to wait until it's a little safer.


chicklet said…
Hoping for you:-)

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