Can't Wait For Wednesday

As a lot of you may know, this is one of the most maddening parts of pregnancy. I don't feel pregnant, other than the constant need to sleep. Every now and then, I'm starting to question if things are OK. I don't expect to see the heartbeat on Wednesday, as I'll only be 5 1/2 weeks along, but I hope to see things looking well without a question in their mind about the viability of this pregnancy.

I keep thinking positive, though. I just know that everything is going to be OK.


Martha said…
I am hoping for a wonderful U/S on Wednesday and boy, you just don't what worrying is until your BFP. So understandable because on so many levels it's all outside of our control. I think the positive energy is great and anticipate wonderful news in a two days.
P.S. Martha the clinician here, extreme sleepiness is a powerful pregnancy symptom, indicative of your body working hard to build the placenta. Take care, M
I'm a little behind here, so bear with me...CONGRATS!!!! YAY! Your second beta looks great! Try to stay positive and hang in there! HUGS!!!
Anonymous said…
How far along were you when you got your 1st HSG draw done? I had mine done today and got a 57 but I'm only 12DPIUI. My RE is laso making me wait until Friday to have another done. Is it just me that thinks it's odd to wait 96 hours to have the 2nd draw done? They said it was b/c I tested early...
Just Me. said…
I know i know!!! Me too!!! I am trying to think positive here but it's just that constant questioning at the back of my mind.

At least you'll be going for an u/s. I'll only get mine when I'm 12 weeks. That's how different it's done here. arghs! That's almost 5 weeks away. The barometer of my sanity has been crazy!!! I keep thinking about it every single day!

I'm sending you positive thoughts!!!!!!
Alli said…
Really pulling for you. I admire your positive attitude! You're right - that part of pregnancy can be so trying! Thinking of you!
Good luck! I'll be checking in to see how everything goes.
Kirsten said…
One more day!!!
Keep thinking positive and I'll do the same :)

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