Throwing a Baby Shower - Believe it or Not

So with everything going on in my strange corner of the world, I'm throwing a baby shower at work. I'm actually having fun. The cake is ordered and I have to pick it up in the morning. Today I went to BabysRUs with over $300 from both departments - it's a husband and wife that both work at this company, so I coordinated both departments to pitch in. For a big gift, we got them a baby swing. Then I got receiving blankets, a soft blanket, three outfits and a blanket sleeper. Also a baby bath product basket and a baby care pouch with thermometer, nail clippers and nail file, hair brush and comb and medicine droppers.

I read Trace's latest post today before I went and I must admit it inspired me to be so giving. Just because I'm having a tough time with this pregnancy does not mean I cannot be happy for other people and want to give them joy.


Trace said…
It hit home w/me and I'm glad it helped.
Martha said…
You are a jewel, precious and rare. Thank you for the gift of your kindness, it touches me. Sending my best because I care...

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