Mamma Mia!

In the filler between Beta #1 and Beta #2, I'll give you all an update on my fabulous lazy Sunday. We sat around, watched TV and decided to go to the movies. Leo actually suggested Mamma Mia. I think he realized it would get my mind off waiting for the Beta #1 test. We took Phoebe and she really liked it. I explained it as "High School Musical for Grownups." She's heard ABBA in my car before, so she knew a lot of the songs. Well, now we're having lots of fun on our morning and evening drives into Wilmington for work/camp singing ABBA at the top of our lungs - both of us. It cracks me up to hear her get into it as much as I do.

BTW, the movie was a great feel-good movie. Just what I needed for that day. It was really cute and funny. Makes me want to see the real musical on Broadway even more. One of these days I should see if I can get tickets for all of us. I think Phoebe would really enjoy it, especially now that she knows the music.


Martha said…
What a Guy! That's great, I am so glad you liked the movie. Can't wait to see it.
sky girl said…
I've seen the play twice (once in Toronto and once when it came to my city)and enjoyed it thoroughly. Dutifully, my hubs went with me both times. :)
Kate said…
I'm so happy for you! Congrats.
I hear that's a great play!
Came over from L&F to offer you some congrats on your great 1st beta!! Hope it goes well tom.
sara said…
Awww- that's awesome! I saw the show when we were in Vegas and it was great. I really want to see the movie also. I'm so happy you had a great day and I hope that there are many more whoo hoos in your future! Thanks for the kind words - they help a ton :-)
Suzanne said…
I saw the musical on Broadway and it was great! I was dancing in my seat!

I can't wait to see the movie!
Lynda said…
Oh I loved that movie! I am so going to see it again. It is totally a feel-good, fun movie that you could watch over and over. Do I seem to recall your celeb crush is Colin Firth? Is that right?!
Beth said…
I am sssssssssooooooo EXCITED for you!! Best of luck with Beta #2. I can't wait to hear!!
Just Me. said…
I wanted to watch it but babes said it's a bullshit show!! gah!!!

Anyway, I am so so happy for you!!!!

HS Musical for grownups ... love it! And I love how this movie totally gets the young'ins to enjoy ABBA.

And now somehow we've gotta get them to enjoy some Depeche Mode now! I totally loved them too! One of my fave concerts of all time was seeing them in 1988 when OMD opened up for them!

Hoping for the best with your next beta!

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