The Boys - 6 Months Old

The boys turned six months old on Sunday!!!! I'll post some more pics soon. Things have just been very busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays and crazy busy at work. One of my peer managers is going to another department and I believe my manager is going to make an organization change that will have me managing twice as many people. Which will be great to position me to get a promotion to a Sr. Manager at the end of next year.

Yesterday the boys had their first day trying the backup day care at my office. It's really hard to get into the infant room as they are so busy, but we got a call at 8AM that they had room for both the boys!!!! Nicki was out of town on Monday and Tuesday, which is why I had the boys on the waitlist to come in to the office with me. I also have them on the waitlist for December 21, 22, and 23. Then I'm taking the rest of the year off. The boys had such a great day listening to stories and songs and making new friends. They really liked the three ladies that were taking care of them. Liam even gave Miss Carol a big smile when I handed him over to her in the morning. And he's usually so reserved with his emotions.

The boys also started trying sippy cups! I started having Phoebe try a few sips from one with the stopper in it when she was 6 months old and she loved them so much by 7 months she was off bottles. The boys are acting like Phoebe did when she first tried them, curious why it comes out so fast when they suck on it. They both were starting to get good at it at dinner last night.

And Phoebe has a crush on a boy at school. Sniff! She keeps getting so big. He told her he liked her "a little" which she told me meant he really likes her as "boys always don't want to completely admit it." She's wise beyond her years....

I'll post more updates soon.


Heather said…
SIX MONTHS? Are you serious? Time sure does fly!!
Leigh said…
I'm so glad you posted - you're on my list to check up on and see if you're okay :)

Just call me Mother Hen!

Phoebe is very street smart - good to know all about boys but my word, they do start young.

Your boys are so clever!!!! Where are the pics?

And well done on the work responsibility? Will you be able to cope?
ModernMom said…
Oh my gosh you are one busy Momma! I'm flattered that you had the time to sop by my blog!

Thought I would also tell you I am your newest follower :)
Amy C said…
I think I am going to start trying a sippy cup with the boys, too. The Dr. said to start trying a month ago but it just didn't seem like they would get a hang of it. Gosh, I can't even imagine them drinking from something other than a bottle!! Does it get messy?
Queenie. . . said…
I can't believe your boys are six mobths already! It seems like I was JUST reading aboit them being born. They are absolutely adorable. How do ypu like the Peg Perego highchairs? Easy to clean/use?
Anonymous said…
Did you remove the anti-spill portion of the sippy cup so they would understand they had to suck? Lovey Girl isn't quite understanding that she has to suck she keeps knawing on the opening because it's sort of like a straw. Anyway we've been unsure about how to get it across to her... It sounds like things are going great at work for you and it's fantastic that you have child care available at work!
Anonymous said…
Wow, time does fly doesn't it. It still amazes me that J is almost 9 months now. Your boys are beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
nancy said…
Oh no! A crush on a boy in school. Ack! I can't imagine my girls having boyfriends. Whats worse for me though is having my son have a girlfriend. That already makes me want to vomit!

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