More Twin Pics!

Here's the boys playing on tummy time. Liam is on the right of the picture and Tommy is on the left.

I love this one! One night I was getting Tommy changed in his PJs and asked Leo to hang with Liam. This is what I found 10 minutes later. I had to take a picture.

Here's a pic of "my little overachiever". Some kids suck their thumb. Some pic two fingers. Liam decided to try shoving all three in his mouth. It looks funny so I had to snap a pic.

And to answer some questions that were in comments. I love the Peg Perego Prima Pappa high chairs. I bought them without seeing it based on reviews online and I love them! I find them very easy to clean, especially using Clorox wipes. The tray comes off and on very easy. I do recommend swiping the corners/folds of the bottom of the seats regularly with cleaning wipes/rags. They do collect things. But the seats are so soft and so easy to keep clean. I bought them on Direct Buy too, so they were a lot cheaper than in the stores. Whenever I decide to buy things through Direct Buy I always do price comparisons to see if it is worth it.

And on trying sippy cups, I did take the stopper out for their first sip to let them know it was in there. Tommy is seeming to take to it when he's not starving. Liam I think I need to remind him that it's in there again. He hasn't been interested lately.

Here's a pic of sleepy Tommy on the same morning I snapped Liam with his thumb and two fingers.


Leigh said…
Heather, they're BIG and GORGEOUS (or should I say HANDSOME).

Love the one where Leo's sleeping with a baby in his arm!
Billie said…
The boys are so cute and this is such a precious time with them. As you well know the next time you turn around they will be walking.
Deanna said…
Your boys are getting so big! They are adorable! That's great that they are taking to the sippy cups. My two pretty much think they are toys. Hopefully they will get the hang of it eventually!
Martha said…
Your son does look tired, I guess his brother and big Sis wear him out.
Super cute picture of your Dh and your son.

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