Liam Getting Lots of Teeth!!!

Every time I look in Liam's mouth I'm finding more teeth cutting though. Poor Tommy is loving gumming crackers, but has no teeth to show to help him out. I already knew Liam had cut one of his bottom front teeth back on the 10th. I kept a look out for the one next to it, as Phoebe always had two come in at once and he looks so much like her (just with blue eyes and a penis, as I like to say). Sure enough, yesterday morning I found the second bottom tooth coming out. Then last night at dinner time, I realize one of his top front teeth are coming through too! So now we've got the whites of three teeth poking through for him all at once!!!! Poor kid.


ModernMom said…
Ohh it all happens so fast! I love it when they have just two teeth in their great big gummy smiles:)
Martha said…
Teething is alot of work for babies, parents too.
Leigh said…
:) at Martha's comment

Our nanny told me that Kendra is teething! I couldn't see a thing though...

But the real reason for my visit is the EI with your boys (over from Mommy Esq's blog)

I'm a little nervous as your boys are a month older than mine and I don't know what you're talking about developing them physically. Tell me more :)

P.S. We don't have things like EI here... as far as I know.

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