A Day of Firsts!

What a day! I can't believe so much happened! The boys each had a really big "first", but each was completely different and it was a first for either of them.

Tommy rolled over from his back to his tummy for the first time, and the second time, and the third time, and you get the picture. Every time he was on his back today, he had to make sure he could still roll to his tummy. Very, very exciting! Neither of them have done that before.

And Liam's first was a big one too! He cut his first tooth today! No wonder the poor thing has been so congested and miserable. I can see that the second one right next to it is going to come through too. So he's being just like Phoebe, an early teether (she was 3 1/2 months for her first tooth!) and they are coming in pairs. Tommy hasn't cut any teeth yet.

And we had a reorg in my boss and my boss's boss's departments this morning. It affects me. I am now not just managing 5 people, I'm managing 10 people. All developers, of course, as I am the queen of the geeks. I'm very happy. My scope is increasing, no one was hurt as part of this change. It was mostly because someone had already left the department and my boss had to figure out as part of this reorg what to do with her team. It's also helping make a case for me to be promoted to Sr. Manager at the end of 2010. If I don't manage to win the lottery before then. If that happened, I'd have to stop working so I could stay at home with my incredibly distractingly cute three kids.


Leigh said…
YAYYYYY to your clever boys!

Should I be worried? Connor still doesn't roll from tummy to back.
Heather said…
WOW!! A tooth already?! Rolling?! That is all fantastic!!!
littlezen said…
Wow! Things are moving right along!
Martha said…
The boys are growing soooo Fast!! Best Wishes w/your new work responsiblities.

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