I Love the Laughter

Phoebe was doing an extra math sheet I gave her for homework after I fed "the boys". I was surprised that she got so many problems done, because she spent most of the time making Liam laugh, which is usually really hard to do. He's usually the serious guy, but tonight he thought she was the bees' knees! I went back and forth taking pics of the boys at their reaction to Phoebe trying to make them laugh.

Here's Liam thinking, "You're so funny, Phoebe!"

Here's another of Liam staring up at his sister, really getting into the joke. And yes, his bib is on the wrong side, which is why the tag is showing. I should just cut them off as when you are trying to get hungry twins ready to eat a meal, you just want the crying to stop, so you really hurry up!

Shoot over to Tommy, eating his fist, not getting the joke -

Back over to Liam who's thinking, "She's really, really funny!"

And back over to Tommy who is finally smizing (smiling with his eyes - it's an America's Next Top Model word)

And then, I did get Liam to smile into the camera. All I think of when I see this pic is "Hey, baby!"


Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, they are so handsome! Those pictures are great! :)
Leigh said…
HEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! those boys are sooo handsome - what beautiful beautiful smiles. We also work HARD to get Kendra smiling - she's a very intense little girl :)

And those Christmas photos are all lovely - even though Phoebe's wearing pink, I love the first one the best.
Lauren said…
They are far too cute for their own good. :-)

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