Music Tames the Savage Beast (or Baby)

I have learned that singing to babies can often calm them down when you can't pick them up and of course we have to use this trick often with twins! I started doing this with Phoebe when she was a baby as I'd have to do dishes, make dinner, go to the bathroom.... I've found not every song works, so you have to find the right song. Sometimes you have to reach into the obscure music knowledge in your head to find the right song. With Phoebe, it was "Close to You" by The Carpenters. Since I didn't have to use this trick very often with her, I didn't get sick of this song right away.

The boys are different. That song does nothing for them. They both love "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles. Because there are two of them there are many more opportunities to need to use this trick. I'm really getting sick of this song, so I've been trying to find other songs that work just as well. So far I've sung "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" until I've run out of farm animals and then I change it to "Old MacDonald Had a Zoo." And they seem to like "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye, but I can't remember all the lyrics. Last night at dinner I used "Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes. I definitely know all the lyrics to that one!

So I have a question for you parents out there. Has anyone else employed this trick and if so, what songs have you found work for your child(ren)?


Twinkle Twinkly Little Star and Jingle Bells are the only two songs I know all the words too. I've gone through most of my life being made fun of by my friends, family and husband for making up words to songs. So it's no surprise that these are the only two songs that come to mind when my little guy starts to fuss. Twinkle works like a charm. It's actually quite heartwarming to hear his fussing stop from the back seat when I start to sing. But, honestly, Twinkle Twinkle is getting OLD. I've tried changing the tune, pace and melody and he doesn't seem to mind, but I'm getting really tired of it. Maybe I should start learning some new songs...I'm going to Check out What's going on?

I can't remember if I've commented here or not, if not...Nice to meet you. I'm S4S.
Amy B said…
That is so funny! I had to sing The Gambler by Kenny Rogers to get Peter to sleep every night! So I know that one well!
Leigh said…
Now here's the thing - I love music but not really singing. Although I caught the night nanny singing to them once and when they fuss and I NEED to cut their fingernails, I sing what she did "Jesus loves me this I know" :)

They may be quiet and still because of the song or because they don't know why their mother is actually singing to them LOL
Oh, yes! I know the song trick all too well! Let's see...the Barney theme song works most of the time as do most of the Yo Gabba Gabba songs. She also likes London Bridge, Row Row Row your boat and Ring around the Rosy. Can you tell we use this trick a lot? :)
littlezen said…
I have a song that I made up with the baby's name in it and she's all over that one. She also likes "Cecelia" by Simon and Garfunkle (is that who sang it?).
Deanna said…
Our magic song is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." I have been sick of it on MANY occasions! I have sung it in the car for 15-20 minutes straight. : ) When they were in my tummy, I sang "Jesus Loves Me" all the time. When they were new and tiny, they liked it, but I think the new wore off!
The Nanny said…
That's too funny! My nanny kids all love "You are my sunshine" :)
Mrs M@sk said…
Twinkle twinkle little star always gets their attention otherwise I have to alter songs and add their names somewhere - glad I'm not the only one!
seussgirl said…
I sang a lot of Amazing Grace in the NICU. We sing "I Love You, Lord" every night when we put the boys to bed, and "Jesus Loves Me" when we put them down for naps. We just got an 8-CD kid-music set for Christmas, so we'll be adding lots of new (potentially annoying) songs to our repertoire!

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